Martin-Luther-Universit├Ąt Halle-Wittenberg

Workshops and Webinars at the MLU

SciFlow offers monthly free workshops and webinars at the University Library. There are workshops for students and researchers. In 2 hours we show the most important functions of SciFlow and answer your questions.

For Researchers

Easy publication

Easily create publications in a team

Writing together on the same version of an article, using references and revision are important features of SciFlow so co-authors can write on an article.

In this workshop, practical suggestions and tips are to be given to create a publication in SciFlow. The workshop is aimed at researchers who create publications in a team.

Workshop content

Content - What can you expect?

  1. First impression of SciFlow
  2. Choosing a template
  3. Structuring the document
  4. Inviting co-authors and collaboration
  5. Write and comment together
  6. Insert images, tables and equations
  7. Citing in SciFlow & managing references in a team
  8. Preparation to submit
  9. Support from the SciFlow team

For Students

Would you like to have a finished homework or thesis with one click?

The right format, the correct citation style, the right completion on time and the readable text - the creation of scientific assignments, such as term papers or theses, is associated with many challenges

Our software SciFlow supports you in creating such a work. In the workshop, we give you ten tips to start writing in SciFlow and get done at the push of a button.

One click

Content - What can you expect?

  1. Getting started with SciFlow: Write first, format at the end
  2. Choosing a template
  3. Structuring your text
  4. Insert images, tables and equations
  5. SciFlow for group work
  6. Quick and dirty - manual citations
  7. For longer documents - working with references in SciFlow
  8. Receive feedback on your work
  9. Help! The direct line to SciFlow
  10. A smooth hand in your thesis
Workshop content