Track your changes in SciFlow

Tracking changes has finally arrived in SciFlow. Along with the latest product updates we are hosting a webinar for researchers from Max Planck.

The webinar will provide practical suggestions and tips on how to create a publication in a team with SciFlow. 


Introduction webinar for SciFlow

2022-08-25 10 AM (CET)

This biweekly webinar adresses the needs of SciFlow newcomers to show them the basic functions of the SciFlow editor and give some insight to its mechanics.

The webinars agenda attends to the automatic formatting and editing of any document, be it an assignment or a journal article. 


Einf├╝hrungsvideo zu SciFlow

Für den ersten Einstieg in SciFlow und dessen grundlegende Funktionen gibt es abseits der Webinare auch dieses Video. Über die angelegten Videokapitel lässt sich durch alle in der Einführung besprochenen Themen navigieren.


SciFlow Basics

Learn all the basics surrounding SciFlow in this 30 minute video course. The interactive playlist lets you smoothly select the topics most relevant for you.