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Write online and format automatically

Easy-to-use Editor

SciFlow's simple text editor allows you to:

  • write
  • cite
  • communicate
  • format
  • more easily and with more clarity than conventional text editors.

    Generates & Updates Table of Contents and Bibliography

    Changes to your document's structure and new citations will instantly be visible in the table of contents and the bibliography.

    SciFlow formats for you

    No more manual formatting, SciFlow does it for you when you export into one of our many templates. Just send us the style guide for your paper and we'll create a template for you.

    What does SciFlow have to offer YOU?

    Focus on the text

    SciFlow's text editor has been created specifically for the creation of scientific texts. Focus on the content of your writing - not the formatting.

    Simply good

    SciFlow enables all participants to work together on one platform - without emails or multiple versions of the same text.

    Get the right format with one click

    With SciFlow, you can generate a formatted document, fully compliant with your universitiy's formatting requirements.

    Just start writing

    "My paper was ready to hand in with one click - without any pesky formatting."

    Torben Dreusicke

    Business Administration

    "SciFlow’s smart editor made updating my table of contents and bibliography a non-issue - it did both on its own."

    Sara Przybylak

    Social Sciences

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