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We started SciFlow to eliminate the frustrations associated with academic writing due to unnecessary complexities like formatting. As former students and researchers, we focused on simplifying the academic writing process for theses and research papers. However, as we evolved SciFlow, we realized that providing seamless workflows between authors and publishers is the key to delivering a first-grade author experience.

Frederik Eichler

Frederik Eichler oversees product and technology at SciFlow. He was inspired by his experience assisting fellow students during his master's studies in computer science to co-found SciFlow. Before co-founding SciFlow, he worked as a software engineer at Capgemini.

Carsten Borchert

Dr. Carsten Borchert studied in Merseburg, Paderborn, and Magdeburg and earned his doctorate on changes in sales models. Before SciFlow, he gained professional experience as an Account Manager at Oracle and in project management at Bertelsmann. He is responsible for sales and finance at SciFlow.

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We are bridging the gap between authors and publishers

Traditionally, the journey from manuscript creation to publication has been challenging, with complexities ranging from formatting to different formats and workflow interruptions. SciFlow simplifies this process with a user-friendly, intuitive platform that removes writing and publishing hassles.

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For Authors

Collaborative text editor

Collaborative text editor Researchers and students can easily import, write, edit, and format their manuscripts in our collaborative online text editor. Collaborative features include:

  • Working together in real-time on the same version
  • Comment and discuss the text
  • Track changes and make suggestions
  • Share references

Align with publishers' guidelines

The platform includes a powerful suite of tools that automatically manage citations and ensure all formatting aligns with the guidelines of the chosen publisher.

  • 5.000 publisher templates are included in our database
  • Support of general scientific styles, like IEEE, APA, MLA, and many more

Focus on Content

By removing the technical barriers associated with academic writing, SciFlow allows researchers to concentrate more on the content of their work rather than the intricacies of style and compliance.

  • Simple to use UI
  • References and bibliography are generated automatically
  • No Formatting
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For Publishers

Improved Author Experience

SciFlow provides a converter that significantly reduces the time and resources spent on formatting and preliminary checks. This empowerment leads to a more efficient publication process, ensuring a quicker turnaround time for researchers.

  • Manuscripts can be converted within the submission workflow
  • Full text can be displayed and edited in our collaborative text editor

Enhanced Submission Quality

Our meticulous standardization process ensures the overall quality of the submissions, resulting in well-structured manuscripts that strictly adhere to publisher requirements.

Smoother Review and Publication Cycle

Publishers benefit from receiving manuscripts that meet their standards, enabling a smoother and faster review and publication cycle.

  • Manuscript checks can occur early in the process
  • Reviewers receive an improved and better readable version
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Better together

Closer Collaboration Between Authors and Publishers

SciFlow facilitates a closer collaboration between authors and publishers, enhancing the overall manuscript development process.

Integrated Communication Tools

Our platform integrates communication tools that allow real-time feedback and discussions within the manuscript.

Swift Query Resolution

This direct line of communication is vital for swiftly resolving queries and refining submissions, benefiting both authors and publishers.

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