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Change Tracking in SciFlow

New: SciFlow Authoring Platform now includes Change Tracking

We added an important feature to SciFlow: change tracking. It is a great enrichment for the collaboration of different authors to be able to track the contributions of all participants and to be able to undo them in case of doubt. The full functionality of change tracking is available to users as part of a Campus License.

With change tracking you can:

  • See what has changed since your last visit.

  • Visually show others what changes you have made

  • Jump back in time and undo changes you have made

See what changed since your last visit

If people are working on your document in your absence, you can view all the changes that have been made since your last visit. You will also see who is responsible for which change.

If you wish, you can also receive e-mails notifying you when new revisions have been added to your document. This way, you'll be notified on time whenever your co-authors have written new paragraphs and improved old ones.

Compare different versions and see what changed

You can save at various points and name your document versions. Afterwards you can compare any given version with another and see what happened in between.

Tell others what changes you have made

Have you been asked to add to a chapter or give your input on an existing text? It's easy to show your fellow writers what changes you've made. Send them the link to your current revision and they can see all the additions and deletions at a glance and change them if necessary.

Tip: You can also download your document as a Word document with all changes (diff) to the previous revision. This can be helpful if you want to prove what has changed since the last submission when submitting for a journal.

Jump back in time and undo changes

Every now and then there is a misunderstanding or chaos in a document. To fix the mess, it can be helpful to restore an old version. To do this, pick the last revision before you encountered any problems and reactivate it. From there you can continue writing - Marty McFly style.

Coming soon: Accept and reject changes

We are currently working on a correction mode in which changes can be accepted or rejected by co-authors. This will make editing and collaborative writing even more convenient and easy.

Track changes with the SciFlow campus license

Libraries and institutes support their students and researchers in scientific writing with the SciFlow Campus license, which brings a lot of benefits in addition to the new change tracking feature.

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