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Why use Mendeley in SciFlow?

1. Collaborative Writing

SciFlow is the easiest way to use Mendeley with your co-authors. Share your Mendeley references with them by logging in through SciFlow.

2. Powerful Citing

With an easily understandable interface and two-click workflows, SciFlow brings your Mendeley sources closer to your text, letting you focus more on writing.

3. Spread your research

You can now create a publisher compliant research document with one click. SciFlow will support you in spreading your research easily and quickly within the scientific community.

Import and write collaboratively

Login from SciFlow and connect your Mendeley library. Your Co-Authors don't need Mendeley for it to work. To maintain clarity, SciFlow marks shared references.

Cite powerfully with Drag & Drop

SciFlow will apply a citation style to your whole document. SciFlow creates and updates the bibliography automatically.

You can update any Mendeley changes by refreshing in SciFlow, which allows you to view sources if available.

Publisher-compliant Export

Focus on the contents of your writing, while SciFlow handles the formatting. When you export, your documents can be applied any desired Template, which will handle things like Layout, Table of Contents and Bibliography.

An easy to use text editor

SciFlow was made to meet the requirements of scholarly writing.

One place for all collaboration

All co-authors have a shared place for collaboration on the text.

Always up to date

Changes are visible immediately, so everyone has the latest version.

Use your references

Authors can connect their Mendeley Library to SciFlow, or manually add references from Endnote and Citavi.

Add figures, tables and equations

Any figures, tables or equations can be added online.

Format with one click

The document is submission-ready with just one click.

“Sciflow is a user-friendly collaborative platform that simplifies the writing of scientific articles. The one-click template formatting and the integrated reference manager are great time-saving features during the writing process. The perspective of a large template database will surely extend its use in academia.”

Dr. Tristan Petit

Institute Methods for Material Development



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Writing and reading in SciFlow are available at no cost.

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