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KIT Scientific Publishing and SciFlow launch a pilot project to digitize and automate publishing workflows

March 2023 - KIT Scientific Publishing, a leading university publisher, has announced a pilot project with SciFlow, an innovative writing and publishing platform for scientific publishing. The partnership aims to digitize further and automate publishing workflows and improve the overall visibility of Karlsruhe research results by providing readers with multiple end formats.

KIT Scientific Publishing has a long-standing reputation for excellence in academic publishing, producing high-quality books in the natural, engineering, and social science disciplines. Due to a high volume of publications and the increased demands on scientific publishing worldwide, the publisher sees the need to modernize its publishing processes further. The cooperation with SciFlow ties in with a BMBF project on the differentiation of publishing services that has just been successfully completed. KIT Scientific Publishing can use the SciFlow science editor to optimize its workflows and, at the same time, better integrate authors into the publishing processes. Particular attention is also paid to the unique requirements of technical and scientific disciplines, especially complex formulas.

SciFlow provides a comprehensive platform designed specifically for academic publishing, including collaborative writing, automated typesetting, and providing formats for digital publishing platforms. By leveraging SciFlow's advanced technologies in a pilot project now underway, KIT Scientific Publishing will use selected publications to break new ground for digital publishing and explore the editor's capabilities for KIT in true collaboration with authors. The aim is that the publishing services will be further upgraded and that the KIT Library will further expand scientific publishing at KIT in addition to the basic infrastructure of the KITopen repository.

"We are delighted to work with SciFlow to bring our publishing process into the 21st century," said Regine Tobias, head of KIT Scientific Publishing. 

"We are excited to work with KIT Scientific Publishing to achieve their goals of increased efficiency and broader distribution," said Dr. Carsten Borchert, CEO and co-founder of SciFlow. "Our innovative platform is designed to make academic publishing faster, easier, and more cost-effective, and we are confident it will significantly impact KIT Scientific Publishing's publishing process."

The partnership between KIT Scientific Publishing and SciFlow is an important step toward digitizing and automating academic publishing. It is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the industry. With this partnership, KIT Scientific Publishing is set to continue its tradition of excellence while embracing the digital future of academic publishing.


KIT Scientific Publishing

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Website: https://www.bibliothek.kit.edu/ksp.php


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Website: https://www.sciflow.net

Carsten Borchert
Dr. Carsten Borchert is co-founder and managing director of SciFlow, the online writing and publishing platform for research. Before SciFlow, Carsten worked in various positions in the IT-Industry, including Oracle and Bertelsmann. He holds a Dr. in business administration from the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, where he analyzed sales models of IT companies and their changes caused by M&A.